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The University of Florida's College of Pharmacy has developed online courses to train current and future leaders in pharmacogenomics and precision medicine. Learn the latest in genomic technologies and precision medicine therapies from well-known and highly-regarded experts, while earning a degree from a Top-5 university.

Pharmacogenomics Testing

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Masters Degree

Earn you masters degree with a concentration in personalized medicine. On average, completion of the program ranges from 2 to 3 years for a total of 30 credit hours.


Leading the Way in Precision Medicine

See why the Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine program is a national leader in research and clinical implementation.

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Informational Webinar


Precision and Individualized Medicine Informational Webinar

In this webinar we were joined by program graduate Jill Bates, Pharm.D., M.S., BCOP, FASHP for a presentation on PHASER, we also covered the Individualized Medicine and Precision Medicine online graduate programs (including, tuition, admissions and steps to applying).

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Application Deadlines | Summer 2023

Program Features & Announcements

March 2-3, 2023

Updates in Precision Medicine: Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacovigilance

Learn about the latest strategies and technologies for bringing genomic medicine into the clinic at “Updates in Precision Medicine" March 2-3, 2023 in Orlando. The University of Florida College of Pharmacy has partnered with GenomeWeb's Precision Medicine Leaders’ Summit to produce this event, which will be in-person and live streamed.

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Student Testimonial

We interviewed graduating student, Laly Havern, Pharm.D. about her experience with the pharmacogenomics & precision medicine online graduate program. See what Dr. Havern has to say about networking across the globe and why the graduate program was a good fit for her.

Cancer center team develops “space drink” for astronauts to drink while on the Mission to Mars in effort to combat damage caused to gastrointestinal tract caused by space radiation.

Precision Medicine & Pharmacogenomics in the news

PHASER program testing informs how you respond to medicines

Learn about the PHASER programs across the US can help determine if your genes are affecting your response to medications.

Precision Medicine in the News

Precision & Individualized Medicine

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Our webinar from June 22, 2022 provides information on program benefits, the application process, admission requirements and more! We also introduced…

Online PM and IM Webinar from June 22