Master’s Degree Overview

Earn your Master’s Degree from the UF College of Pharmacy graduate program in Precision Medicine.

Master’s Program Details


On average, completion of the program ranges from 2 to 3 years for a total of 30 credit hours (4 in Foundations in Precision Medicine, 8 in Clinical Applications, and 18 in medication therapy management, applied statistics and ethics). However, students have flexibility to complete the courses at their own pace while still working.

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Graduates will earn a M.S. in Pharmacy with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a concentration in Personalized Medicine from the University of Florida. Your transcript will read Master of Science in Pharmacy, graduation date, major Pharmaceutical Sciences, concentration Personalized Medicine. Your diploma will read Master of Science in Pharmacy.



The graduate program is offered entirely online so students do not feel like they need to disrupt their professional life and prior commitments.

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On average, tuition for the master’s program costs around $14,534.40 plus additional fees. Students with a “on-book” or “traditional” status will be charged at the standard graduate rate based upon their individual residency. Contact one of our Financial Aid Coordinators to see finance options.

Non-Degree Enrollment

Master’s Minimum Requirements

For All Applicants (Domestic and International)

  1. A baccalaureate degree in a science subject from a regionally accredited institution. If your bachelor’s degree is not in a natural science subject, please email:
  2. An upper-division GPA of 3.0 or higher. To calculate what your upper-division GPA is, please use the Upper Division GPA Worksheet.

Note: The GRE is no longer required.

For International Applicants Only

The English language skill requirements for admission

TOEFL Exam TypeRequired Score