Graduate Certificate: Precision Medicine

The graduate certificate in precision medicine (with a focus in Precision Medicine) is offered by the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida. This program consists of 9 credits and can be completed entirely online.

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CourseCourse TitleCreditsSpringSummerFallLength
Required Courses (7 credit hrs)
PHA 6935Foundations: Principles of Pharmacogenomics and Genomic Technologies3xx16 Weeks
GMS 6224Foundations: Medical Molecular Genetics1xx5 Weeks
PHA 6935Precision Medicine Seminar2xx16 Weeks
PHC 6598Foundations: Genetic Epidemiology1xx5 Weeks
Electives (at least 2 credit hours must be taken in addition to the above 7 credits and can be taken any semester)
PHA 6935Clinical Applications: Oncology3x16 Weeks
PHA 6135Clinical Applications: Pharmacogenomics2x8 Weeks
PHA 6613Clinical Applications: Precision Health3x16 Weeks
PHA 6449Pharmacogenomics and Genomics Data Analysis*3x16 Weeks
PHA 6935Case Studies in Clinical Pharmacogenomics 2xx16 Weeks
PHA 6935Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation 2xx16 Weeks
PHA 6935Applied Statistics for Data Analysis**3xxx16 Weeks

*Course offered in person at UF College of Pharmacy Gainesville campus only

**Course offered in conjunction with UF College of Pharmacy Departments of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and/or Medicinal Chemistry. Tuition rate and course requirements may differ.