Graduate Certificate: Precision Medicine

The graduate certificate in precision medicine (with a focus in Precision Medicine) is offered by the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida. This program consists of 9 credits and can be completed entirely online.

CourseCourse TitleCreditsSpringSummerFallLength
Required Courses (6 credit hours)
PHA 6935Principles of Pharmacogenomics3xxx16 Weeks
PHA 6134Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genomic Technologies1xxx5 Weeks
GMS 6224Foundations of Precision Medicine: Medical Molecular Genetics1xx5 Weeks
PHA 6935Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genetic Epidemiology1xx5 Weeks
Electives (at least 3 credit hours must be taken in addition to the above 6 credits and can be taken any semester)
PHA 6136Clinical Applications of Precision Medicine: Oncology3x16 Weeks
PHA 6613Clinical Applications of Precision Medicine: Precision Health 3x16 Weeks
PHA 6935Pharmaceutical Research and Development: Foundations and Impact on Precision Medicine3xx16 Weeks
PHA 6935Ethics in Genetics3x16 Weeks
PHA 6935Case Studies in Clinical Pharmacogenomics 2xx16 Weeks
PHA 6935Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation 2xx16 Weeks
PHA 6746Patient Education and Communication in the Era of Precision Medicine1xx5 Weeks