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Precision & Individualized Medicine

Our webinar from June 22, 2022 provides information on program benefits, the application process, admission requirements and more! We also introduced the new Individualized Medicine program coming Fall 2022. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

Reimbursement for Genomic Testing

Join Dr. Wiisanen for a presentation on Reimbursement for Genomic Testing and learn how the online graduate program in pharmacogenomics and precision medicine from the UF College of Pharmacy can prepare you to implement the latest in genomic technologies and precision mediĀ­cine therapies.

Public Health Insights

Dr. Caitrin McDonough, Research Assistant Professor at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy's Department of Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research, will discuss the impact of precision medicine on public health.

Oncology and Precision Medicine

The UF Precision Medicine Program hosted an informational webinar with Dr. Nathan Seligson on July 8, 2020 discussing the impact of Precision Medicine in the field of oncology.

Testing Insights

On-demand now! Dr. Kristin Wiisanen, online graduate program director, highlights the FDA regulation of pharmacogenomics testing in this second episode of the "Precision Medicine Insights" webinar series.

Patient Education Insights

University of Florida precision medicine leaders will highlight current knowledge and trends in this series, including professional and educational opportunities, to advance the future of health care. Join us as Dr. Kristin Wiisanen, online graduate program director, discusses challenges and approaches to patient education in the era of precision medicine.

Summer 2019 Webinar

Watch our informational webinar from July 23, 2019 to learn more about the program, application process and more!